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Ramya Barathi IPS takes charge as Hosur ASP
Today, Hosur credits a qualified Sub Collector and Ms. Ramya Bharathi – IPS, who has taken charge, as an Additional Superintend of Police, Hosur, will direct the police force. It is almost a huge break, the qualified people taken the position as a Sub Collector and ASP at Hosur. Inspite of steep increase in the crime rate, from the past five years and the residents of Hosur are regret with the officials, having no concern on these issues.
Mr.Ramiah is an IAS Officer and also rendered his service as a collector for Salem formerly. Today, he is working has the Chairman for Teachers Recruitment Board and his wife Mrs. Valliammal is working at Chennai for an institution of Integrated Child Development Scheme. Ms. Ramya is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ramaiah, who have taken charge as an ASP of Hosur.
Ms. Ramya - IPS spoke to the media officials that her first step would be controlling on the rowdism and Kattai Panchayats at Hosur and ultimately make all efforts to bring down the crime graph and hereby made an appeal before the media and public to co-operate with the operations.
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