With an area of 1370 acres State Industrial Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu, (SIPCOT) was developed in Hosur as one of the largest industrial complexes in the country to develop Large, Medium, and Small scale industries in association with SIDCO offering a comprehensive service for more than 500 industries.
Owing to various expansion in the city the adjoin Krishnagiri district has also improved and the people living in the surrounding region raised their standard of living because the state government of Tamilnadu and central government had planned various proposals for development of the city in various sectors. Hosur is situated at 10000m height above sea level and very nearer to Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka. Various industries such as electrical, electronic, automobile, chemical, iron and steel are booming because of the favorable conditions and infrastructure available in the city. Likewise IT sector has a great scope where many chance for huge returns and great job opportunities are on its path for global investors and job seekers as like the major city Bangalore.
Several reputed industrialists have started to start their industries in Hosur. In fact
Hosur has been able to catch the attention of most prestigious industrial houses in the country including the Tatas, The Birlas, the Hindujas, TVS group of companies, Murugappa group of companies, Lakshmi Group and several other MNC's. Hosur Industrial city already comprises about 700 industries inclusive of Large, Small and Medium scale sectors. These industries are positioned at SIPCOT Phase I & II.
SIDCO Industrial Estates, and other industries are spread on private lands within 20 kms of Hosur on the way to Krishnagiri, Royakottai and Thalli Roads and a few major industries are located on the way to Harita, Bagalur, Belagondapalli, Thorapalli and other regions. The industrial units located at Hosur produce sophisticated products ranging from Trucks, Automobiles and Automobiles spare parts, Motor Cycles, Mopeds, Diesel Engines, Power shift Transmission, Castings, Forgings, Cigarettes, Watches and Jewellery, Abrasives, Hosiery knelling needles. Apart from the above mentioned additional productions such as Machineries, Aircrafts and Pharmaceuticals, Biotech textiles, Chemicals, Electronics, electrical and general engineering industrial units are also located in Hosur.