Hosur Newspaper
In general Newspaper is defined as "in print publication" containing all information and several advertisements. Newspapers are often issued daily and weekly which contains articles of the city, crime, culture, general events happening in the city, sports, health guidelines and various fields of instruct to attract general public. Weekly magazines are published to attract children such as comics, funny stories, puzzles and entertaining news which help them to develop their knowledge apart from education. Daily newspapers notify about the current happening in Hosur city, upcoming projects, proposal made by government, advertisements, weather forecast etc. Besides recent events happening in the city, newspapers give us information about home based goods and professional services made available in Hosur city.
Some people read newspapers to find vacant properties, buy, sent, rent and get genuine buyers from the advertisement posted. Newspapers are helpful to job seekers because the company publishes it advertisement and job seekers can make use of it in regard to the post called for. Newspaper an educational tool and valuable resource whereas it informs broaden knowledge about future studies for different categories. Reading newspaper helps to improve soft skills and increases vocabulary by means of referring a dictionary and also improves the reading skills, certainly reading and writing skills can also be improved. Reading Newspaper is also considered as a source of pleasure provided with interesting comics for children below age as well as elder people. Nowadays Newspaper are also available online that exist on World Wide Web and has become popular in every country of the world.